Repair kitchen cabinet - is that possible?

Kitchen cabinets also take damage once in a while. Mostly not much happens, but it is not nice. What damage is common, and how best to fix it, read in this post.

Damage to the kitchen cabinet

There are often quirks or scratches on the front - they are the most common damage found in kitchen cabinets. In second place are already outraged door hinges. They are a bit more difficult and expensive to repair, but in principle this is possible.

Further damage that occasionally occurs to the interior of the kitchen cabinet - cracks or lack of stability, however, are already very rare. Such damage is usually difficult to repair - in most cases, it is worth replacing the kitchen cabinet here in order not to damage the stability of the rest of the kitchen.

Mending fronts

Simple quirks at the front can often be repaired well with sandpaper and some paint. For larger damage, you can really only continue with solid wood, here you can work with wooden spatula.

For veneered surfaces repairing is often more difficult. If the damage is very noticeable, and the appearance of the kitchen suffer greatly, you can still foil the front of the entire front. This is inexpensive and easily remedies, besides, you can choose a new kitchen design practically.

Repair broken cabinet doors

As with all wooden furniture, kitchens often cause hinges to tear out of the wood. Theoretically, the ruptured spot could be repaired with so-called "liquid wood" - but in most cases it will not be able to withstand the load for long.

It works better here 2K Epoxy paste, with which you can fill well-worn areas very well. After the paste has hardened, the hinge can easily be screwed back onto the filled area.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that the doors are always set correctly and always use them with caution, so you can prevent the pulling out of hinges.

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