Restore kitchen cupboard - you have these options

Old kitchen cabinets often no longer look very attractive. They have little quirks, and design and color are not quite fit to the rest of the kitchen equipment. What options there are to restore kitchen cabinets again, and with what costs you have to expect, read in this post.

Renewing the fronts of kitchen cabinets

From an old kitchen you can easily make a completely new-looking. Many manufacturers offer the replacement of the entire kitchen front within a short time. Then the body of the kitchen remains the same, but all the doors and front elements of the kitchen are completely redone.

For this procedure, all parts are made to measure - in the desired design. This makes the renewal consuming and therefore relatively expensive. Also, the installation of a new worktop more expensive the cost then again.

However, this is worthwhile for valuable kitchens in some cases - and it is still much cheaper to buy and install a kitchen of the same high quality.

Foiling the fronts

Much easier is to foil fronts of kitchen cabinets. The worktop can also be covered with foil. The film lasts for years, is easy to clean and later removable without trace.

The costs are in the manageable area: per meter of kitchen you have to expect around 30 - 40 EUR cost of the film, the work plate to foil costs then once again so much. A 4-m kitchen costs just 250 euros for a complete redesign.

The designs are all sorts of wood but also other material optics and special designs to choose from.

Tips & Tricks

With foils you can easily bring a deceptively real-looking real wood decor on the outside of your kitchen. The interior of the doors is usually not foiled - that is the disadvantage of this solution.

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