Kitchen cabinet stinks - what can you do?

Bad odors from the kitchen cabinet spoil any appetite for food. Where this odor can come from, and what you can do about it, tells you this post. In addition some proven home remedies which function reliably since grandmother's times.

Reasons for odors in the kitchen cabinet

First of all, it's all about clarifying whether the smells actually come from the kitchen cabinet itself. Other options would be:

  • kitchen sink
  • dishwasher
  • Wall coverings or the area behind the cabinets

If you can rule this out, you should definitely take a closer look at the kitchen cupboard.

Musty smells usually come from spreading mushrooms, mold has its own typical smell, which is usually immediately recognizable. Even damp spots where germs accumulate, can give off unpleasant odors over time.

Cleaning agent or food odors

If once a cleaning or cleaning agent was stored in a cupboard, it can also emanate strong odors that stick to it for a long time. This is related to the perfumes that are often added to such remedies.

The smell is annoying if you want to store food in the cupboard because some foods, including milk and bread, accept and retain foreign odors particularly quickly and intensively.

Odor remover for kitchen cabinets

As a way out of the store offers a fridge deodorant. These deodorants usually contain activated carbon, neutralizing unpleasant odors over time.

Before using such means, however, the kitchen cabinet should always be thoroughly cleaned. Damp areas should be thoroughly cleaned and the cabinet dried then possible good airing.

Another very well-functioning remedy is bamboo charcoal, which can be bought in small bars. It binds odors even more strongly than activated carbon.

Proven home remedies for odors

Vinegar smells very strong, but neutralizes odors. The vinegar itself disappears after a short time.

As a proven odor killer is considered soda for many decades. Soda can simply be sprinkled in the cupboard, it absorbs odors almost as well as activated carbon.

But the best home remedy is probably coffee powder. For a short time after littering in the closet, most of the unpleasant odors have disappeared. Coffee still smells a bit, for a food cabinet the smell is pleasant.

Tips & Tricks

Also make sure that the kitchen cabinet has a good ventilation. In a poorly ventilated atmosphere, odors not only develop faster, they are also more intense and last much longer.

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