Kitchen front: high gloss or matt?

When it comes to choosing the kitchen design, there is always a fundamental question: glossy fronts or fronts with a matte finish. Find out which version is the most suitable and how you can decide more easily in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of fronts

When choosing the front in glossy or matt, there are some points to think about:

  • optics
  • cleaning effort
  • Size of the kitchen


High-gloss fronts look very impressive, and even a simple kitchen looks great if it has a high-gloss front. Especially in combination with dark colors and simply furnished kitchens such surfaces develop their effect quite well. Otherwise, the decision "Matt or Shiny" rather simply a matter of taste.

cleaning effort

Compared to matt surfaces, the cleaning effort of high-gloss surfaces is very high. Fingerprints, dirt and traces of grease are immediately visible and should also be eliminated, since the kitchen looks quite unsightly even for small spots. Who brings little time to clean, is served with high-gloss surfaces rather poorly.

Size of the kitchen

Especially in small and cramped kitchens, high-gloss surfaces can effectively visually enlarge the kitchen. If you want to set up a very small kitchen you should definitely consider the idea of ​​high gloss surfaces. This can make your kitchen visually noticeably less cramped, high-gloss surfaces and glossy lacquer catch the light and reflect it back, allowing rooms to have a very long-lasting effect.

Tips & Tricks

Even dull surfaces can in some cases have a high cleaning requirement and quickly get dirty. In many cases, this can only be tested poorly, but it's usually a bit of a guess if you take a closer look at a kitchen in a kitchen exhibition. In any case, always include this point in your considerations - otherwise you may be buying 20 years of work.

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