Hang kitchen cabinets - you must pay attention

Hanging on the kitchen cabinets is one of the most difficult tasks when setting up the kitchen. What you have to pay attention to, in what height you should hang wall cabinets, and how to attach them best, read in this post.

What height for wall units

Basically, wall units should be at least 50 cm away from the worktop. Optimal gripping height would be - that is 35 cm more than your own height. So the upper cabinet is still easily accessible, but at the same time there is still enough headroom to not feel cramped when working in the kitchen.

Hang wall cabinets with rail

Usually, the kitchen cabinets are attached to a mounting rail. This is the simplest and most stable way to fix wall cabinets.
The mounting rail is screwed to the wall at the appropriate height

As a rule, the distance between the mounting holes of the rail and the upper edge of the wall unit is 55 mm. So if you first determine the cabinet height suitable, you can measure the top of the cabinet. 55 mm below, the rail should be fastened with the mounting screws.

Hang up the hanging cabinet - step by step

  • Wall units
  • Mounting rail, dowels, mounting material
  • drilling machine
  • spirit level
  • straightedge
  • pencil
  • Tape measure or folding rule

1. Determine the position of the cabinets

First, hold the cabinets over the kitchen to determine the correct height. Measure from the bottom edge of the cabinets to the top edge and mark the height. Measure the width of all cabinets together.

2. Mounting the mounting rail

Measure 55 mm from the top edge marking. At this point draw a perfectly horizontal line on the wall using the spirit level and the leveler.

Shorten the mounting rail to the required length (width of all cabinets together). Align the mounting rail on the wall piece so that the same distance remains left and right. There you will later mount the cabinets. Mark and drill the holes. Insert the dowel and tighten the mounting rail.

3. Hook in cabinets

Hang cabinets on the mounting rail and adjust with the hangers. Check the position of the cabinets with the spirit level, readjust if necessary. Adjust the cabinet doors so they close well, no gaps remain and they are straight.

Tips & Tricks

For plasterboard walls, you may need to attach the rail to an additional reinforcement. You need to install this reinforcement beforehand. For many drywall walls, but it is already firmly installed.

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