Kitchen cabinets stick: possibilities, ideas, costs

Kitchen fronts are not unchangeable: the simplest way to completely transform a kitchen is to foil the fronts. How to do it, what to look for and what costs you have to expect, read in this post.

adhesive films

For furniture surfaces as well as for all other smooth surfaces there are special design foils. These foils imitate certain materials or shine with a very special design.

So can about

  • certain shades are generated
  • Structures are imitated (for example, certain types of wood, stone, etc.)
  • Designs are brought to a surface (such as artistic representations)

Furniture foils easily hold several jars and are then always removable without leaving a trace. The design can therefore - unlike when painting a kitchen at any time removed or arbitrarily changed.

The foiled surfaces are easy to clean later.

film quality

Decisive for the durability, however, is the film quality. Kitchen fronts are indeed one of the least stressed furniture parts, should be used in any case always high-quality so-called flex films that are slightly stretchy.

They are easier to pull (and firmer) around edges and are better on the surface. In addition, they are usually thicker and a bit more durable.

Prices for slides

For high-quality films, prices start at around 30 EUR per meter for most designs (mostly 1.20 m wide). Since they only foil the outer sides of the fronts, the total price is so clearly limited.

Occasionally you get films also cheaper, but you should always pay attention to the quality of the film, and if possible buy only from brand manufacturers.

Attach foils

The application of the films is relatively easy. They are cut to an appropriate size and then simply pressed with a squeegee firmly to the clean and dry surface. If you proceed carefully, you can avoid air bubbles well.

When it comes to corners or edges, you should always warm the foil with the hair dryer a little, a helper should put it around the edge then stretch as taut as possible.

Tips & Tricks

Be creative and be inspired by modern trends. Combinations of wood and stone often look very appealing. By the way, you can also foil the worktop - in the same way. So it fits then also to the newly designed kitchen fronts.

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