Renovate kitchen cabinets - you have these options

If a kitchen is getting a bit old, it does not necessarily have to be replaced by a new one. Renovating old kitchen cabinets is quite possible, and usually much cheaper than the new purchase. What options you have to renovate, read this post.

Renovate fronts

In many older kitchens, the fronts are no longer up-to-date and sometimes have traces of years of use. This problem can be solved by various methods

  • Paint fronts
  • Foil fronts
  • Exchange fronts

Paint fronts

Many kitchens can be painted. This is possible with most materials, but in almost all cases special adhesion promoters are necessary. Most framed with melamine resin kitchen fronts offer only poor adhesion for paints and paints.

The problem with painting is that it has to be very clean. You can work with paint spray systems to get a better result, but in many cases you can see paint jobs that you have defects. This is often unavoidable.

You can also paint your fronts professionally, but you have to expect a lot of time and money.

Foil fronts

Foilings are the cheapest way to renew fronts in any design. Even minor damage and defects are covered. At around EUR 30 per meter of kitchen, foiling is the cheapest way to redesign the fronts.

Keep in mind, however, that foiling is only outdoors - the cabinets' interior will remain in their original state, and they will see their original color whenever you open a cupboard.

Exchange fronts

This option is the most expensive, but also the most beautiful. All doors and fronts are dismantled and a specialized company manufactures new fronts to measure and then rebuilds them. In general, this Kostenaaufwand but worthwhile only for expensive kitchens of high value that you would like to receive.

Repair kitchen cabinets

Damage such as broken hinges or scratches and quirks can often be easily repaired. Basically, you should always carry out repairs before the beautification work or have them carried out if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

Even the interior can be modernized - for example, by installing or installing pharmacist extensions. This also enhances the functionality of the kitchen.

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