Cleaning the kitchen - fast and efficient

It is probably one of the most unpopular household chores: cleaning the kitchen. It can be done quickly and quite efficiently if you do it right. How this works, and how one can make life much easier with the unpopular kitchen cleaning, you will learn in this article.

How often do kitchen cleaning?

The question is asked again and again - there is no blanket response to it. Possible answers range from: "after each cooking" to "once a week". How often kitchen cleaning is necessary depends above all on how often and how much you cook in the kitchen. If you warm up just in the evening, you will need to clean your kitchen much less frequently than someone who prepares meals for several people every day.

Helpful habits

To save a lot of effort when cleaning the kitchen, some habits may be useful:

  • while waiting for something to boil, empty or rinse used and unneeded items in the dishwasher
  • Always splash off the stove immediately with a rag
  • After each use and after every wash, wipe the sink briefly with a damp cloth
  • Always put empty packaging in the dustbin immediately
  • Always clear used and no longer needed (spices, etc.) immediately

When you get used to these things, you only need to wipe the stove and worktop briefly after cooking, and put away the rest of the things.

In addition, if you use waiting times during cooking to carry out small cleaning tasks over and over again (wiping the microwave, wiping it over the kitchen front, etc.), your weekly cleaning time will be reduced to a few minutes.

General cleaning of the kitchen - step by step

  • cleaning supplies
  • cloth
  • Microfasertücher

1. Clean up the kitchen

Put all used dishes in the dishwasher and turn them on or rinse dishes if you do not have a dishwasher. Put everything back in its place - a good kitchen organization helps make things easy and fast.

2. Clean the stove

Thoroughly clean the stove and clean all cooking areas.

3. Clean the work surface

Clean the work surface with a rag. Rinse the cloth and then clean the sink.

4. Detail cleaning

Take a microfibre cloth and clean all the small parts in succession: drawer and cupboard handles, stove controls, microwave, toaster, coffee machine and all small appliances.

5. Refrigerator cleaning

Clean up the fridge. If you have given it right, that is very fast. Wipe the fridge, add some baking soda if you smell it. Dry the refrigerator and put it back in the oven.

Tips & Tricks

Microfibre cloths are especially worthwhile in the kitchen area. They absorb a lot of dirt, even without using cleaners. With a damp microfibre cloth that is always ready, you can also remove some dirt from the kitchen during cooking when you are waiting for something. Microfibre cloths also work very well if you use home remedies such as vinegar or citric acid.

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