Concrete kitchen worktop - what price do you have to expect?

As a modern building material, concrete has been increasingly used in interior design in recent years. Not only as a concrete look, but also as a material itself, it is used for the design of furniture, floors and decorative objects. What prices you have to expect for a kitchen worktop made of concrete, you can find out here.

Modern materials for countertops

Traditionally, worktops are made of coated wood materials. Even real wood can be found now and then in high-quality kitchens.

Modern materials for kitchen worktops are above all:

  • granite
  • Concrete and
  • Corian (the so-called acrylic stone, a mixture of plastic and mineral powder)

A quick price comparison for the kitchen plate

materialPrice approx
concreteabout 200 EUR per m - 400 EUR per m
Wood materials, coatedfrom about 20 EUR per m, up to 80 EUR per m
Real woodfrom about 60 EUR per m, up to more than 300 EUR per m
graniteabout 120 EUR per m, high quality stone but also up to 500 EUR per m
Corianfrom about 240 EUR per m, depending on the version but sometimes also much higher

Reason for the price

Concrete itself - even in high-quality execution - would be a very favorable material. As a building material, concrete hardly causes any costs even with large areas.

However, if concrete is processed into a kitchen worktop, it must be cast to size. The more complicated the mold, and the more complex the finish, the higher the price of the worktop. Even the seamlessly poured sink often requires a lot of effort.

That's why prices can vary widely. The heat resistance and scratch resistance of the material and its durability make up for many the high price.

Alternative: concrete look

If you only want to optically make your worktop out of concrete (without sink in concrete look), you can resort to a much simpler option: to foil.

Kitchen foils are also suitable for the worktop and the visual concrete effect is very authentic. The foiled worktop is virtually indistinguishable from real concrete. You only have to reckon with costs of around 30 - 50 EUR per meter.

Tips & Tricks

Also note the weight of concrete worktops: a worktop several meters long can easily weigh several hundred kilos. This is what the kitchen floor and substructure have to withstand - and you need appropriate support during installation. Foliation is also literally "easier" here.

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