Cut kitchen worktop - what costs do you have to expect?

When cutting a worktop, no mistakes should happen - and the cutting must be very precise. To cut the kitchen plate the same, therefore, offers itself in many cases. Which costs you usually have to expect, read in this post.

Necessary cutting work on the worktop

When cutting the worktop different work may be required.

  • Shortening the worktop to the correct length
  • Making a hole cutout for the stove
  • Making a hole cutout for the sink
  • Production of so-called notches (with angled or crooked kitchen back walls)
  • Milling grooves for flat dowel joints (so-called Lamello) or other corner joint milling
  • Gluing edges (not always necessary)
  • Finishing corner joints on worktops that go over the corner

Not all work is necessary in any case. In many cases, the cutting work but produce a consistently high cost.

Cutting in the hardware store

If you buy your worktop in the hardware store, you can usually cut it to the right length for free. However, hole cutouts or preparations for special corner joints (flat dowels, slot milling) are usually chargeable. As a target price, you can estimate around 15 EUR - 20 EUR for each hole cut.

Special miter cuts or slot milling can be of different cost. The cutting of notches according to required dimensions is often quite different depending on the hardware store.

Cut on site

You can also have a plate cut to size on site, for example by a carpenter. For the most commonly required hole cutouts and the shortening of the plate usually only slightly higher costs than in the hardware store are due.

In general, for hole cutouts between 20 EUR and 40 EUR are required, but often also the travel costs. The advantage of cutting on site is that even smaller, necessary adjustments (such as notching or cutting the worktop to fit a crooked kitchen wall) can be done quite easily and accurately. Connections can also be made directly by the person skilled in the art when they are needed.

Tips & Tricks

The cutting of worktops with a jigsaw is rarely exactly possible, as a jigsaw can not perform exactly straight cuts (this is due to their design). A circular saw is essential for such blanks. You can also mount them on a table.

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