Cleaning the kitchen worktop - that's the way it works best

When things get hot in the kitchen, the result often looks like a real battle: splashes, stains and kitchen waste pile up frequently. The best way to clean a kitchen worktop, and what to look for when cleaning, is read in this article.

Different materials for the worktop

The best way to clean and what to pay attention to when cleaning the kitchen top depends on the material of the worktop. There are big differences between here

  • Kitchen countertops made of coated wood-based materials (the most common variant)
  • Countertops made of stainless steel
  • Granite worktops (partially delicate)
  • Worktops made of mineral materials (such as Corian)
  • Worktops made of real wood

Sensitivity of the materials

Coated wood materials

The usual plastic-coated worktops made of compressed wood are usually quite insensitive, it also form hardly any stains. The cleanse is with you (Warm!) Water and a little detergent usually best. Even more stubborn dirt is basically no problem.

Since the plastic surfaces have little sensitivity to scratching, you can also rub something once. However, you should avoid overly scratching cleaning equipment, as they can damage the worktop in the long run. Stubborn or dried stains should be better soaked.

stainless steel

Stainless steel is very tough - but also very sensitive to scratching. Under no circumstances should you work with hard cleaning equipment. Also avoid microfibre cloths as they may cause the surface to become dull over time. Scouring milk should also be avoided.

Stainless steel worktops need to be cleaned frequently, and they should always be dried to prevent water from remaining on them, otherwise they may form unpleasant streaks and water stains.


Granite countertops are very expensive - but can be delicate. Much depends on the particular properties of the stone used and how well the surface is coated and impregnated.

Basically you should use as few cleaning agents as possible (preferably also no detergent) with such countertops. These agents can settle over time in the pores of the stones and make them ugly blunt. Even drying off is recommended to avoid water stains.

Tips & Tricks

What you should never use on the worktop - no matter what material - are highly acidic cleaners. Vinegar is a useful home remedy for cleaning - but the worktop he should always stay away better.

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