Beautify kitchen counter - some great options

The worktop is the point at the kitchen, on which the view falls first. As time passes, however, it loses its shine and small signs of wear and tear are spreading. What you can do to repaint and beautify an old worktop is described in this article.

Foil as the simplest solution

To foil the kitchen is a very simple and inexpensive solution for a new kitchen design. This possibility also exists for the worktop.

However, films for the worktop should have corresponding properties

  • sufficient film thickness
  • Heat resistance (important!)
  • Stretchability (stretchable films are easier and cleaner to pull over corners)
  • highest possible adhesion of the film

In any case, the film quality is of great importance here. When buying one should absolutely convince yourself of the quality of the film. How high the adhesive power is, can not always be said in advance. Here you have to trust the manufacturer.

Prices for slides

Usually costs about 1 meter wide film from about 30 EUR per meter. Since the kitchen countertop is 60 cm deep, you can expect to cost around 30 to 40 euros per meter of kitchen.

The costs are reduced slightly if you have many small areas - there you can "piece" the film and thus make good use of the otherwise accruing waste.

Worktop in concrete look

Concrete look has been very much in vogue in recent years. A real concrete worktop, however, is very expensive and must be cared for prudently. For an old kitchen, the cost is worth in almost no case.

However, concrete-look foils perfectly fulfill their purpose here. Although you can not mitfolieren the sink, but usually this is not absolutely necessary for a balanced look.

Worktops in real wood look

Solid wood kitchen worktops are very caring and sometimes also very sensitive. With a correspondingly designed film, you can achieve the high-quality look, without having to accept the disadvantages.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use design decors instead of imitation materials. However, the visual effect must be planned quite carefully in order to have a harmonious effect. It's best to simply get foil samples and try out the design "on the object".

Video Board: Beautiful Kitchen Countertops Tiled