Increase kitchen countertop

Kitchen cabinets and worktop are available in different working heights. So it can happen that a kitchen is too low. Then increasing the kitchen countertop helps. How to increase the countertop is summarized below.

Typical kitchen top heights

We always like to talk about a standard height in kitchens. But the fact is that there is no real norm. That would be nonsensical, since people are also different sizes. As a result, kitchens at the height of the worktop are, of course, adapted to the needs of the purchaser or client. There are usually three different working heights to choose from:

  • 86 cm
  • 91 cm
  • 96 cm

Do not raise the kitchen plate yourself

The height of 86 cm can make a very unpleasant difference for tall people. In this case, it is recommended to increase the kitchen countertop. However, this idiom is a bit wrong. Because it's not just about increasing the kitchen top yourself. That would cause too many new problems.

For example, the actual worktop would no longer close immediately above the drawers of the base cabinets. Simply mounting plates or beams in the appropriate thickness between base and worktop is therefore not a good solution.

Simple solution options for adjusting the height

Rather, there are even solutions by the retailers. The really interesting question is how kitchen manufacturers come to different working heights for the worktop. The answer is also the solution to the problem, so you can not only increase the kitchen worktop, but also lower it.

Use feet in a different size

The manufacturers of kitchens simply use differently high feet, so only the base height changes. For well-known kitchens, feet in different sizes can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Thus, the original state can be easily restored later, for example, if it is a rental apartment and the landlord would insist.

Who it is no brand kitchen

It gets a little more problematic with "no-name" kitchens. Here it is often not possible to find the actual manufacturer. However, you should remove one of the sand feet and go to kitchen shops. Often sand feet are used, which are also replaced by products from other manufacturers.

In addition to increase to adjust

However, if you increase the kitchen top, you will need other skirting boards as well. These must be correspondingly wider according to the additional height of the feet. The repeatedly proposed additional drawers, for which there would now be room in the base, are not recommended, because then the additional costs for increasing the countertop would increase significantly.

Tips & Tricks

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