A granite kitchen worktop should come with a price

A granite kitchen worktop offers some features for its price, which are "earned back" by the longevity. It is insensitive to heat from hot pots, is scratch and cut resistant and insensitive to acids. However, the porous rock must be protected against moisture.

Achilles heel fluid

Unlike worktops that are only used in the dry area, the kitchen worktop needs to tolerate moisture and liquids. Therefore, more expensive fine-grained granites are more suitable because they have lower fluid intake values. Important is an additional seal or impregnation. Contrasting textures are less sensitive to potential staining.

While the price of countertops on furniture or tables is greater, the kitchen countertop must have a minimum quality requirement. Very inexpensive granite, for example, from Asia does not necessarily bring this quality despite after-treatment. When buying a kitchen worktop, the manufacturer or dealer should give a warranty on sealing or impregnation.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite

  • Scratch-proof even against sharp knives or metal edges
  • Heat resistant to hot pan or pot bottoms
  • acid-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain prone to prolonged exposure to liquids
  • Surface dullness with insufficient care and polishing
  • Noise when working with kitchen utensils, cutlery and tools

That's how much the kitchen worktop costs

Kitchen worktops are offered in running meters with a width of sixty centimeters. The cheapest variants with the typical grained optics of the colors black, white and gray cost from fifty euros per running meter. An extensive selection starts from one hundred euros, top products cost up to several hundred euros.

How to save

Find a rough split plate in the factory outlet and compare offers from different stonemasons, including from the gravestone area.

Tips & Tricks

If you choose granite for the kitchen worktop, you should be prepared for permanent care and regular wiping and wiping.

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