Paint a kitchen worktop

Again and again, the owners of a fitted kitchen are faced with the question of how they could bring the worktop back on track. One of the first ideas is often to paint the kitchen worktop. This is not recommended. Why it is not recommended to delete a kitchen worktop, you can read here.

The kitchen plate does not always look as desired

The kitchen worktop belongs to the part of the Mobiliars, which is particularly hard-stressed. Accordingly, a countertop can look worn after years. In addition, of course, the kitchen follows the prevailing zeitgeist - in shape and color. These colors do not always inspire; remember only the brown and green worktops from the 1980s.

Is painting the kitchen worktop a solution?

Removing the old kitchen worktop to buy a new one is not always the preferred or possible solution. The painting of the kitchen plate then quickly comes to mind. However, then the material of the plate must be considered. The most used materials would be:

  • Tiled kitchen tops
  • Kitchen tops made of natural stone
  • Kitchen panels made of wood composite material with coating (plastic)
  • Kitchen worktops made of solid wood

Of course you can delete kitchen worktops made of solid wood. However, it is not really recommended. Rather, these kitchen worktops should be oiled. The question arises anyway with the kitchen top with plastic coating. In fact, there are paints that adhere well to this hard and smooth surface.

That's not the problem. The challenges lie elsewhere. A kitchen countertop must be able to cope with different requirements:

  • scratch resistant (knives and other sharp objects)
  • heat-resistant (turning off hot pots)
  • resistant to acids (vinegar, fruit juices etc.)
  • food safe (no harmful exhalations)

All in all, these are properties that no varnish can fulfill equally - and then also adhere well to a smooth plastic substrate. Painting or varnishing a kitchen worktop is therefore a very bad alternative, letting it shine in new splendor. As already mentioned, the only exception is the solid wood panel.

The oiled kitchen counter

However, this should also not be painted with paints. Instead, here special oil is spread, which penetrates into the pores and crystallized here. The oil hardens and makes the surface more resistant. But even here it can happen that scratches get into the wood. However, the hard oil must be renewed at regular intervals anyway.

Tips & Tricks

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