Decorate kitchen - you have these possibilities

Especially in the kitchen, it is not just about the design of the kitchen unit - wall design and decoration play at least as big a role for the room effect. How to give your kitchen an effective atmosphere and what trendy tips and ideas there are, read this post.

Decorations in the kitchen

Basically you should absolutely avoid an oversize decorations in the kitchen. "Less is more" is clearly the motto here.

Especially small kitchens quickly seem untidy, messy and messy when overloaded with decorations. For larger kitchens, a wild jumble of decorative items of various styles is not only restless, but also very inappropriate.

So think carefully about your kitchen decoration be sure to use only one-of-a-kind decorations. The decoration style should then also harmonize with the kitchen style. For example, plants always look a bit lost and out of place in an industrial design kitchen in concrete look.

Effective decoration articles

You can not just decorate kitchens with knick-knacks. On the contrary, decorative articles can also be special furnishing details which the eye can immediately see. We will briefly discuss the most important and proven of these below.


A striking kitchen light can liven up a room significantly. Whether it is a stained glass screen or a specially designed lamp made of a visually interesting material, plays a minor role.

The lamp should harmonize with the kitchen equipment in any case and represent a focal point for itself. An interesting idea can also be to hang a homemade kitchen lamp. Click on the link to find some interesting ideas.


Plants are a very friendly and understated decoration. But they can be very effective as decoration objects. But keep in mind that the kitchen climate does not get the same for all plant species.

Even in terms of design, you should practice a little adaptation: Plants in bold colors, such as bright red or blue, should rather be reserved for the simple and quiet kitchens. They also go well with wood decors.

Kitchens that are very lively in their own right, on the other hand, benefit from a calm, balancing green. A plant lamp or some hanging plants on the upper cabinets can be a good idea here. But do not overdo it.

Accessories by color theme

You can choose a color theme for all accessories in a simply designed kitchen, and follow it consistently:

  • napkins
  • Placemats and coasters
  • small appliances in the kitchen (toaster, blender, food processor, etc.)
  • Visibly arranged decorative cups or coffee cups
  • Stones in the glass in a matching color


If you already have a color theme for your kitchen, you should also subject all textiles to this theme:

  • seat cushion
  • Stuhlhussen
  • Curtains and curtains
  • Tea towels and kitchen towels
  • Oven mitts

Especially with textiles, you can not only rely on a specific color, but also on a specific pattern: for example, wide stripes in the chosen color often have a cozy and homely feel. The pattern can then be repeated as well as the color always or slightly vary (less recommendable).

But always use textiles in a slightly softening shade of color from other decorative items to make it more coherent (tone-on-tone design).


Whether mosaic or cement-optic tiles on a wall area: with tile mirrors, visual accents can be set very well. For that, the tiled surface does not even have to be big.

The kitchens, which are particularly simply decorated in white or cream, benefit from the ornamental patterns of cement-look tiles, which are often decorated in soft, soft pastel shades. For such kitchens this is the ideal relaxation.
For this you do not necessarily have to replace the flooring - a small strip on the wall at the right place is usually sufficient for the effect.

wall decorations

You can make a wall colorful - or make it with veneers (straps) to a rustic stone wall. This is especially useful for kitchens in vintage style.

In contrast, the used look is often better supported by untreated brick walls or veneers in this design.

Decorative elements on the wall

Again, "less is more" applies again. Take care of one, two points of view on the wall - but they must work for it. Some ideas for that are

  • Wall clocks (kept as large as possible and in a striking design)
  • large format pictures (suitable for the color style of the room)
  • some small shelves in matching color (to the color theme of the kitchen)
  • small showcases
  • Sconces near the dining area (also provide atmospheric, subdued lighting)

It is important that the Deko-Obljekt looks consistent. It should not be "out of the ordinary" - but it should be flashy enough to catch the eye. This is often the trick when it comes to successful decoration: just to find the middle ground between conspicuousness and harmony.

Tips & Tricks

Be inspired by very minimalist design kitchens. There you will often find very clear decorative items that you may also be able to use for yourself.