Kitchen planning: the best tips

Planning a kitchen is not difficult - but planning a kitchen really well. In many cases, it depends on the detailed solutions, and on optimizing the kitchen as much as possible in the planning. There are proven tips and tricks - the most important of which we present in our contribution.

Online 3D planner

Of course you can easily plan a kitchen on paper. But 3D kitchen planners open up a completely different and much more detailed perspective on the kitchen. In many cases, planning errors that otherwise would not have been noticed can be identified and eliminated with these tools.

equipment planning

With the devices in the kitchen you should absolutely thoroughly plan - above all, which devices you want to place where. There are a few things that can help you plan better

Panorama hobs

Hobs arranged one behind the other are not very ergonomic and cumbersome. Much more pleasant can work with so-called panoramic hobs. Here are the pots in a row next to each other.

You can compensate for the larger footprint by using split cooktop panels to add extra worktops to the unused stove sections. By the way, you should always install hobs flush with the surface.

Devices in sight and gripping height

To accommodate the oven and microwave at eye and gripping height not only protects the back, but also saves space. You can easily accommodate both devices in a tall cabinet, but you should always make sure that the grip edge is approximately at shoulder height in the oven.

So you can remove hot food from the oven much easier and safer. In the microwave, a slightly lower placement is usually less problematic. In this case, make sure that you have enough exhaust openings and sufficient space for installation.

Avoid unfavorable combinations

Unfavorable combinations such as stove and oven next to or above the refrigerator or the hob above the dishwasher should be avoided at all costs. It usually requires a bit of planning, but it's worth it. In some cases, such as the hob over the dishwasher, you may even risk serious damage to the appliance, for which later no one will be liable.

Variable working heights

Ergonomically, it can make a lot of sense to make the worktop height not uniform, but stepped. For the height of the kitchen, there are certain rules that also apply from an ergonomic point of view.

As a rule, you should set the Spülbeceken slightly higher, and the stove a little lower, to back-friendly work in the kitchen. This is not only worthwhile when cooking a lot, but in almost every case.

Optimize ways

One of the best ways to make a kitchen more effective is to minimize the walkways within the kitchen. The usual way of working can - depending on the arrangement of the individual elements in the kitchen - long or very short distances. In the ideal case (island kitchen) you only need to turn around without having to walk.

The small benefit of a few steps in practice often shortens workflows enormously, and also gives you the feeling of being able to work efficiently. When planning a kitchen, you should definitely take this into account.

Tips & Tricks

Also, look out for a seat next to the fridge and a nearby storage cupboard where you can store and clear heavy purchases without hindrance.

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