Dressing up the kitchen - you have these options

The kitchen is always in the modernization of the kitchen always great attention - the back wall usually not. What options you have to design the back wall of your kitchen, and what materials you can use for it, read our article.


The classic cladding of the back wall of a kitchen is ceramic tiles. They are easy to clean, very durable and have a long life. Tiling the back wall is still one of the most commonly chosen panels. As splash protection, ceramic tiles are the best option in any case.

Renew tile mirror

Over time, the design of the tiles can be boring - or it does not fit the style of a renovated kitchen. Tapping tiles is - especially with built-in kitchen - not a real option.

What you can do is:

  • tiled with the tile-on-tile system
  • Attach tile sticker
  • Cover the tile mirror with foil

Laying tiles on tiles is relatively easy. There are also special renovation tiles, which have only a very small tile thickness, and thus cause only a small additional height.

Tile stickers can be purchased in the respective tile sizes. They last for several years and allow to overlap the tile in any design. The problem with this is, however, that the joint usually can not be easily repaired, reshaped or re-colored to fit.

Continuously covering the tile mirror with a sturdy plastic film is another way to create a new design for the back wall. The earlier tile joints play no role, the optics can be quite interesting

Wall coverings on measure

In DIY stores you can also find wall cladding made of special plastics or aluminum composite panels. Some of these back panels can also be ordered directly to measure.

The advantage of such wall coverings is the lower maintenance costs compared to tile mirrors, as there are no more joints that are easily polluted, but are expensive to clean.

Various structural optics are also available - from the slate structure to photo designs. These back walls can later be easily transformed by foliation. A backwall system can usually be mounted without difficulty on an existing tile mirror.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use materials such as those used in the seamless bath for their kitchen back wall. For example, solid surface panels or special plastic cladding panels for the wall are possible.

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