Beautify your kitchen - you can do that

If the kitchen looks a bit old-fashioned and unattractive, it's time to start beautifying. What you can do on a low budget, and what options you have, we show in our article.

Possible actions

To beautify the kitchen you have different options:

  • Foiling the kitchen in a new design
  • Redesign of the kitchen wall
  • new interior design

Foil of the kitchen

A visually no longer suitable or no longer beautiful fitted kitchen you do not necessarily renew the same. With foils, both the fronts and the worktop can be designed and spiced up in any design.

This is how a simple white fitted kitchen turns into a very high-quality kitchenette with fronts in real wood decor and a countertop in granite.

The cost of reworking is kept within limits: For front and countertop you have to expect per running meter kitchen around 60 EUR. The foliation takes little time and requires only a little skill and usually a helper.

Redesign of the kitchen wall

The kitchen back wall is covered in many cases with a tile mirror - or not protected. A new tile is worthwhile in the fewest cases. There are several ways to redesign or pimp the tiled mirror:

  • Fliesenaufkleber
  • continuous plastic films, possibly with photo motives
  • Riemchenverblender for the interior (such as stone look)
  • Fabric panels for mounting on the tile mirror

To Aufhübschen and Aufmotzen the kitchen back wall so there are numerous options available. Tile stickers are available from around 15 EUR per m², they are also suitable for covering of damaged tiles (cracks, cracks, holes). Riemchenverblender can be a possibility on uncovered back walls - they are simply glued to the wall with tile adhesive. But watch out for veneers that are easy to clean and above all easy to clean.

New interior design

Not only the kitchen itself, but also the room can be aufgemotzt. This can be done by a new facility or a change of the furnishings (for example, country house or industrial look).

Also, a new wall paint or a new floor covering are a way of visually enhancing the room easily.

Tips & Tricks

Be inspired by modern kitchen designs. Using slides, you can also copy any designs from state-of-the-art kitchens and transfer them to your kitchen.