Expand the kitchen - is this possible?

After a move - or even after a renovation of the kitchen - you often realize that you still need "more kitchen". Whether extending a kitchen is possible, which problems can cause this, and with what effort one has to expect, read in this post.

Options for subsequent expansion

Basically, extending a kitchen is not a problem. Only suitable kitchen cabinets need to be fitted, the worktop must then be replaced by a suitable length.

The effort is to set up and attach the new elements, and to customize the new (or new) worktop. Both can be achieved with manageable efforts.

The problem with older kitchens, however, is that the model is no longer in the program, and therefore no original kitchen cabinets can be obtained. However, cabinets with a non-matching front can never be optically integrated neatly - unless you then wrap the entire front.

Cost of kitchen cabinets

The cost of a single reordered kitchen cabinet can be significantly higher than a cupboard purchased with the kitchen (kitchens are usually calculated in different lengths with special prices).

system kitchens

Kitchens made of furniture stores that offer different systems (such as IKEA) usually make things easy for you: Fronts do not change very much over the course of time and usually remain intact even when the same cabinet no longer exists.

So you can easily choose another matching cabinet model, the front of which corresponds to the old kitchen.

Often you can extend kitchens with special add-on modules, which have a different design, but optically are usually well matched to all kitchen models of the dealer. Here, Mix & Match usually works quite well.

Length adjustment of the kitchen

If it's just a question of filling a longer kitchen niche (for example after a move), it is sufficient to only extend the worktop.

You can use the extended part as a dining area, but can also disappear as a "storage area" under the cleaning utensils or the vacuum cleaner. With a roll container or kitchen trolley pushed underneath, even more usable storage space is created in the extended part.

A kitchen cart also has the advantage that you can use it very flexibly as an additional storage and working space and as storage furniture for very often needed.

Tips & Tricks

Some also use a lengthened part without built-in kitchen cabinets as a small "makeshift workplace" in the kitchen. Together with a roll container, this is a sensible and practicable solution.

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