Switch kitchen faucet - that's how it's done

Kitchen faucets can have a very different life span - at some point the faucet but then broken and must be replaced. Of course, fittings can also be exchanged for higher-quality and better-looking models. How this is done is shown in our article.

Reasons for the exchange

The simple fittings with two knobs you usually need to replace only rarely. They are very simple and robust, and you can repair them for almost any damage. On the other hand, it is not always that easy with single-lever mixers - here, replacement is often the best solution, especially since many of these fittings can not be disassembled at all.

Another reason for an exchange can of course be the change to a better looking or higher quality model. In this case, you should still keep the old faucet - in case of damage you still have a working reserve at hand.

Replacing the fitting - step by step

  • Replacement valve
  • pipe wrench
  • bucket

1. Turn off the water

Completely turn off the angle valves and for safety's sake also close the main water tap. Let the valve run empty and make sure that no more water comes. Be very careful at this point, otherwise you may be threatened with very serious water damage.

2. Disassemble the old fitting

Disconnect the connections of the connection hoses from the angle valves. Catch dripping water in a bucket under it. Loosen the nut under the mounting washer and remove the mounting washer below the sink. You can now pull the old valve upwards.

3. Insert new fitting

For the new fitting, remove the fixing washer by first loosening the nut. Insert the fitting from above and fasten it provisionally. Connect the valve to the angle valves, making sure that the connections do not tilt and that the gaskets are properly in between.

4. Align and test

Align the connected fitting exactly and tighten the nut under the mounting plate. Open main tap and angle valves and let the water run for at least 10 minutes. Check for leaks.

Tips & Tricks

Before you put old faucets "on reserve", it is best to decalcify them thoroughly in a vinegar bath.

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