Disassemble kitchen faucet - how does it work?

We live in times where you throw something away too fast. Even a kitchen faucet can be disassembled and repaired in some cases. How exactly this works, and what is possible where, is explained in detail in our article.

What can be decomposed?

As a rule, you can disassemble both single-lever mixers as well as the classic fittings with the two rotary handles quite well. When repairing, however, it looks different: here you can often fix only minor issues, major damage or real functional defects always make an exchange of the fitting necessary.

For many single-lever mixers, which come from no-name manufacturers or were produced inexpensively, disassembly is often problematic. The parts are sometimes tight and would be destroyed when disassembled. Even in such a case, damage usually only involves removing the valve.

cartridge change

In the case of single-lever mixers, in many cases it is possible not only to remove and clean a cartridge, but if necessary to replace and replace it if it has signs of wear.

Replacement cartridges are available for many, but not for all mixer models. Usually you have to expect a high-quality replacement cartridge around 20 - 30 EUR, plastic cartridges are slightly cheaper, but also much less durable and vulnerable. Cartridges are usually available on premium models for up to 30 years.

The removal, cleaning and rinsing of an intact cartridge, and the regular descaling but usually also as a measure to bring a not-so-working cock back on track.

Classic sink fittings

The classic fittings (two knobs) are quite simple: they usually consist of little more than two valve inserts (mixing valves) with underlying seals.

Both can be easily removed, cleaned and possibly replace cost-effective. Complete sets of gaskets usually cost only 2 - 3 EUR, valve inserts are generally available for around 5 EUR.

Tips & Tricks

Most problems with faucets are in the area of ​​seals. Thorough cleaning and changing the seal can in many cases be sufficient to remedy the problem. Consider that. To remove valve inserts you need a 19 mm key.

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