Kitchen front: foil dissolves - what to do?

When the coating begins to dissolve in kitchen fronts, good advice is often expensive. What you can do about it, and where the cause of the damage lies most of the time, is explained in this article.

front coatings

The coatings of kitchen fronts can be quite different depending on the manufacturer and kitchen model. Fronts can be either veneered or coated with plastic.

If the kitchen has already been foiled once, it can of course be the adhesive foil of the kitchen, which dissolves in this case.


Basically, there are several ways to fix the damage, depending on how big it is:

  • Sticking the peeling parts
  • Exchange of kitchen fronts
  • Foiling the entire front


Veneers can sometimes be glued on, as long as they are reasonably undamaged. Even plastic can stick, but it usually does not quite as good, even if the splice is fixed with clamps.

Above all, it is important to choose the right adhesive - not all adhesives are suitable for this, many also attack the surface and leave behind visible, visually unattractive traces. Pattex has proven to be successful - this adhesive is very good in many cases.

Exchange of kitchen fronts

Replacing a complete front panel is usually very costly. If the manufacturer of the kitchen does not offer replacement fronts, you have to have them made. For this, you have to estimate costs in the range of at least 100 EUR per m² front surface. It's usually not worth it.

Foiling the entire front

You can cover the front completely with furniture foil and make the damage invisible. The cost of wrapping is relatively low (about 30 EUR per meter of kitchen) and the foil allows you to give your kitchen any desired design. In addition, you can replace the foil later at any time, if you want to change the design again.

Tips & Tricks

In the area of ​​corners and edges, you could also attach matching plastic edge protectors, if you like the look. This also prevents the coating from dissolving further.

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