To rewrink the kitchen front - you should know that

If you do not like your old kitchen, you do not have to buy a new one right away. With the resurfacing of the kitchen front, a kitchen can be optically renewed quite effectively. And at a very low cost. Read more in our post.

Foils for the kitchen front

Like all furniture, kitchen fronts can also be covered with furniture foils. This has many advantages:

  • Quirks, damage and signs of wear can be covered
  • the process is very cost effective
  • Glueing can be carried out very easily by yourself
  • the foil does not cause dirt or noise, the kitchen remains usable
  • the design of a kitchen front can be completely changed
  • Foils are very durable
  • if the design no longer fits, one foil can be peeled off without a trace and replaced by another one

Cost of foliation

To foil a kitchen is not very expensive. High-quality films are available from just over 30 EUR per m of film length. The usual film width is usually around one meter, so that covers the entire height of the front. Your costs are therefore 30 EUR per meter of kitchen and you have hardly any waste.

Possible foil designs

The selection of slides is almost unlimited. There is a choice of all possible imitations of material up to high-quality precious woods or valuable natural stones. The designs are designed photorealistic and therefore visually very convincing.

Important when filming

In order to achieve a good result, you should pay attention on the one hand to high film quality (flexible, stretchable films in the best possible thickness) and to high adhesive strength of the films. In addition, the film should be waterproof and heat resistant.

If you want to pull the film clean around corners and edges, you should if possible a hair dryer and a helper to help. Warmed-up films can be placed very tightly around the corner if one of the assistants holds on to the already glued-on film.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that you can also foil the worktop to visually transform it. This is often even the more effective and easier way to visually remodel a kitchen. Countertops are also an important eye-catcher that decisively influences the design of the kitchen.

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