To build kitchen fronts yourself - is that possible?

If you look at the prices for a high-quality kitchen front made of real wood, you often get the idea to design your own kitchen front and only buy the body. Whether a DIY is basically possible, and what one should think about it, read in this post.

Cost savings in self-construction

If you look at tailor-made fronts and their prices when buying new, it turns out that a solid real wood front in about 4 m² size already costs about 2,000 EUR.

If one compares, for example, with glued-wood panels made of spruce, which also have a very decorative and rustic look, the price is around 15 EUR per m² to 20 EUR per m².

In the example above, the total price (including 20% ​​offsets) would be around 80 - 100 EUR compared to 2,000 EUR. Add to this the cost of treating the wood and the cost of handles. At IKEA you can count on decorative handles from about 4 EUR per piece.

The price savings in a complete kitchen would be a bit lower, as here the fronts are often expected to be much lower prices.

Possibility of self-construction

Basically, it is difficult to buy a new kitchen without fronts. But if you want to replace the fronts of your old kitchen, DIY is quite an issue. The starting material is relatively inexpensive to obtain, and simple fronts can also be produced by oneself. The dimensions are already completely predetermined by the old front of the kitchen.

Difficulty in production

Technically, the production of fronts made of laminated wood or solid wood is only a little laborious. It only has to

  • the front parts are tailored to fit
  • Recesses for receiving the pot bands milled or drilled
  • the edges are processed appropriately
  • the wood inside and outside are treated and protected and
  • the handles are mounted

If you have a little experience with carpentry, you will not have any technical difficulties here. The required work is fairly straightforward and can be done well with simple tools.

Tips & Tricks

You may even be able to have the blanks and hinge fasteners produced at a surcharge at the hardware store. This usually means only a small additional cost and brings you very precise blanks.

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