Coating kitchen fronts - how does that work?

Over time, the surfaces of kitchens often no longer look beautiful; Small damages, quirks and burn marks often make kitchen fronts seem very ugly. How to re-coat kitchen surfaces, whether you can do that yourself, and whether this is worthwhile, read here.

New coating with plastic

Some companies also offer the re-coating of kitchen surfaces with a plastic coating. Technically, this is quite possible, the method is usually applied to clearly visible damage and in releasing coatings on the edges and in edge areas.

A re-coating of such manufacturers usually with the original coating films of kitchen manufacturers - the kitchen front then looks so literally "like new".

The only question is whether the process is actually worthwhile. The high cost is in many cases hardly for it. However, rebuilding the fronts is almost always a bit cheaper than replacing the entire fronts.

Alternative options

You have alternative possibilities

  • repairing small damages
  • the foiling of fronts
  • the painting of a front

Smaller damage can be repaired easily, and solvent-based coatings can simply be glued back. Furniture repair kits, which you get from around 20 EUR in stores, make many small quirks and dents almost completely invisible.

Another way to effectively cover even large-scale damage and wear is the foiling of kitchen fronts. For just a little money, the entire front can be completely redesigned in a desired design. This requires little effort and makes neither dirt nor dust.

The painting of kitchen fronts is another way to make the kitchen look beautiful again. However, it must be done perfectly (best here are color sprayers) and also causes some effort. Slides are certainly the better and simpler solution and only slightly more expensive (from around 30 EUR per meter of kitchen front).

Tips & Tricks

In the case of damage to individual parts of the front, many manufacturers often buy front parts separately. Make sure, however, that the visual difference between old and new can be quite obvious here. The replacement of a complete front is in many cases, however, also associated with quite high costs.

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