Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture

Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture: paint

Redesign the old kitchen

Fancy a new kitchen? Do not worry, that does not have to be expensive. The kitchen furniture is a freshness cure for all furniture coated with melamine resin.

Your old kitchen sees in no time again as on the first day and is just as hard-wearing. And that without buying new furniture!

This is how cooking works really fun again!

Paint for kitchen furniture and kitchen cabinets

Choose your Favorite food color six tones: coconut, vanilla, banana, blueberry, marine green or mint.

That makes mood: Yellowish tones let us feel the summer, we feel well and alive. Tender green is as fresh as spring. Blueberry exudes calm and serenity.

You can not decide? Then combine the sounds easy with each other!

material list

  • Water-thinnable primer for kitchen furniture
  • Kitchen furniture silk gloss
  • Ring or oval brush
  • Small foam roller
  • paint bucket
  • kitchen sponge
  • Sandpaper (240 grit)
  • Covering paper, cover foil
  • duct tape
Professional tip

To avoid swirling dirt and thus contamination of the paint layer, the kitchen should be wiped damp before painting. Now just paint the furniture outer surfaces.

The right preparation

Before painting, thoroughly clean the surface with a primer and a kitchen sponge. Then sand the surface with 240 grit sandpaper (do not breathe in the sanding dust). Wash with clear water and let the surface dry well.

Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture: paint

Remove surfaces from dust and dirt.

Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture: kitchen

With 240 grind until a matte surface forms.

Step by step to the new kitchen front

For a good adhesion and a high-quality result, paint the kitchen furniture with a water-dilutable primer for kitchen furniture. Then follows the intermediate and final coat with the kitchen furniture - and finished is that new kitchen front. Always use the paint roller not on the edge, but under or next to it.

Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture: lacquer

Apply the paint evenly and with a roller.

Kitchen Furniture Lacquer: Paint kitchen furniture: lacquer

Coat the surfaces with a primer.

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