Glue the kitchen - you have these possibilities

If a slightly older kitchen does not look up-to-date any more, and the kitchen fronts no longer fit in with the rest of the kitchen's design, you can easily make your kitchen by gluing on it. You can choose between different materials and techniques. Read more about this in our post.

Adhesive materials

Basically, you have several options to beautify your kitchen fronts with different materials:

  • Plastic plates with metal finish
  • imi-concrete or imi-wood
  • Sticker
  • Furniture or kitchen foils

Plastic plates with metal finish

These very thin plastic plates are usually equipped with a self-adhesive backing. They are very easy to cut and process. At the top there is a metal imitation (for example stainless steel).

The plastic panels can be glued to parts of the fronts as a decoration, but also on the entire front. However, a certain height (several millimeters) in this type of gluing must be accepted.

imi-concrete or imi-wood

These are faux OSB tiles, either with the help of marble sand have a concrete surface, or are provided with real wood decor layers (usually oak chopped or nature). The plates are about 4 mm thick, with the decorative layer is about 1 mm thick.

When it comes to beautifying kitchen fronts, these plates are well suited, though difficult to process and cut. However, you can buy them already cut to size from the manufacturer - the square meter prices are then quite high (usually around 100 EUR per m²). For this purpose, these plates create a "real" finish on the surface, which also haptically corresponds to the corresponding material completely and therefore looks authentic.


Sticker kaknn one use to "spice up" a kitchen front. For each wall sticker (wall tattoo) is suitable. Since these stickers are also available in large formats, kitchens can be beautified quite effectively.
Classic wall decals, which are easy to install, you can also make free in many cases. To do so upload your desired picture (this can also be a decoration) and order it in the desired format.

Wall tattoos adhere to the so-called Adhäsiionsprinzip, that is, they always need a completely smooth, flat and fat-free surface.

Especially for very discreetly designed kitchens (for example in the classic white), well-chosen wall tattoos can turn the kitchen front into an interesting looking area.


Furniture or kitchen foils (both are usually the same foils) are the best and easiest way to completely remodel a kitchen.

They adhere permanently to all surfaces and can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Since the adhesive does not penetrate into the ground, you can always remove them easily and without residue and replace it with new design films - the kitchen can be easily reconfigured easily every few years several times.

You can foil almost any surface here:

  • the kitchen front
  • the refrigerator door (if the refrigerator is not connected to a front door)
  • the worktop
  • the worn insides of drawers

Advantages of films

Foils are durable - they can last for many years without any problems and without damage. After 10 years, it can happen with all furniture films that they no longer adhere well - then you can easily replace them with new ones.

Even minor damage and quirks disappear completely when pasting over. However, you should always fill in pits beforehand.

Foliation requires only a little skill and practice - but in most cases you can do it yourself to get a really professional result. The work is very fast by the hand - an entire kitchen is foiled in less than a day, dust and dirt do not arise.

Foils are also the cheapest way to transform a kitchen. Even high-quality designs are available for comparatively low costs. In addition, if there is some waste, you can still use it to remodel other, smaller parts.

Films are easy to clean and high-quality furniture films are also given a heat resistance and a fairly good scratch resistance, which is important in everyday kitchen life (especially on the countertop).

The choice of designs is almost unlimited. In addition, you can even bring in many manufacturers even their own designs on film (which is then in many cases, but much more expensive).

Design selection for slides

All sorts of materials, some with light structures for even more authenticity, are available. In addition, one can also fall back on abstract decors or special optics - partly on photo-realistic representations.

The material imitations are so good that they are optically indistinguishable from the original materials (for example concrete or real wood look).

Prices for slides

Furniture films usually have a width of just over 1 m - the running meter prices start at most manufacturers at around 30 EUR for high-quality films.

Cabinet doors and drawers must be individually wrapped and turned over, so you need for a meter of kitchen always just over a meter of film.

Tips & Tricks

Always make sure that you use the thickest possible foils, which also have a slight elasticity. So you can warm them up when turning around corners and edges with the hair dryer, and put them around edges. After that, the film shrinks a little and forms a clean edge. Regarding the adhesive strength of the individual foils, unfortunately, you always have to trust the respective manufacturer. Order the best sample and test the film - this is the safest way.