Move kitchen to another room - is that possible?

In some cases, the house is redesigned so that the kitchen would have to move to another room. Whether this is easily possible, and what effort that makes, read in this post.

Necessary when laying

When laying the kitchen not only the kitchen unit needs to be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere. Above all, the existing connections must be fitted again elsewhere.

The necessary connections that must be available to set up a kitchen are:

  • Electrical connections for the devices
  • cooker connection
  • water connections
  • Waste water connection

Electrical connections for the devices

To produce additional sockets in another room and to mount ezu matching fitting is usually no problem for the electrician, the cost is relatively low. If you still need to lay cables, you can also do it yourself - they only have to be connected by the electrician.

cooker connection

Laying the stove connection in another room is usually also easily possible. Again, you can lay the appropriate cable itself through the house or apartment.

water connections

It is possible in principle to make a water connection in a place where nobody had previously been, but often very expensive. The necessary installation work can consistently cause quite high costs.

Waste water connection

The laying of a sewer connection and the erection at another location, where previously was not intended, is extremely complex. The production is not possible in all places - it must be a meaningful installation of the pipe to be possible and also a sufficient slope to produce.

Effort in the laying

Laying a kitchen on an opposite wall side is usually quite straightforward and feasible with reasonable effort. If a kitchen is to be relocated to a completely different location in the apartment, the effort is very high and the installation is also very expensive. In addition, the kitchen can not be moved to any location - the water connections and the waste water connection can not always be rebuilt in all places in the house.

Tips & Tricks

Before doing so, always think carefully about whether you will not see another alternative in which the kitchen can stay in place (for example, to radically downsize the kitchen and divide and reuse only part of the room with a drywall)

Video Board: The Home Channel: moving the kitchen to another room thanks to Saniflo