Attach a kitchen island

Many kitchen islands are loosely in the room. But there are also kitchen and cooking islands that need to be fixed. However, not every fixing variant is equally suitable for all kitchen islands. The options for attaching a kitchen island are summarized below.

Distinctions cooking and kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are set up freely in the room. It must be distinguished according to the versions of kitchen islands. Kitchen Islands with:

  • pure work surface or only with worktop
  • with sink or hob
  • with sink and hob

Always with installation

Kitchen islands with sink and / or hob also require a fixed installation of water, sewage or electricity. Therefore, such cooking islands are already firmly connected to the ground anyway.

Niece every kitchen island must be fixed necessarily

In other kitchen islands, it depends on the size and the subsequent weight (loaded in the presence of cabinets). Basically, the smaller a cooking or kitchen island, the more likely it is to attach or anchor to the ground.

But now the underground is crucial. In rental properties, existing floor tiles can not simply be drilled through. This problem becomes even clearer when underfloor heating is available.

Fix the cooking island in the ground

There are special square wooden profiles that are fixed to the ground. Then the walls or gallery walls of the kitchen island are attached to it with angle profiles. Anchors can also be set, which are anchored to the ground by square blocks inside the cooking island. These are in principle the possibilities for attaching a kitchen or island, if the floor can be damaged or drilled.

Fix kitchen island on the floor (without intervention)

There are also several options for fastening techniques without intervention in the ground. You can put the cooking island on rubber tracks. These can not slip. But it can also be a peripheral base made of squared lumber or even other materials glued to the ground. The island is then attached to it from the inside with angles. Another option is to glue the cooking island to the floor with silicone glue. However, this technique is not recommended if it is a relatively small and therefore light kitchen or cooking island.

Tips & Tricks

Before you think about a cooking island, you need to know if you can even integrate it into your kitchen. On the one hand the dimensions of the cooking island are important, but also the required distances of the kitchen island to other components and components in the kitchen.

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