Build kitchen island with counter yourself

The small purpose-built kitchen has long been a thing of the past. The kitchen is the meeting place and social hub in many families. Kitchen islands promote the addition, especially a kitchen island with kitchen counter. What you have to consider when self-build a kitchen island with counter, you can read here.

Calculate space requirements

Before you start with the actual planning, you need to know if the space in your kitchen is sufficient. The minimum size of the kitchen should be 15 square meters, with a rather square floor plan must be present. With elongated floor plans, you can not or little orientate to the 15 square meters minimum requirement.

Possible designs

But just a kitchen island with counter is particularly good to make this as a peninsula. So that one end connects to a wall. Before we go into the possible designs, different distances of the kitchen island must be considered:

The height for work surfaces and counter

The working area for the kitchen worktop behind it should be at least 120 cm, better still at 150 cm. Bear in mind that you are standing in front of drawers and cupboard doors that open. There are also important distances for chairs or stools:

  • 120 to 150 cm working distance
  • 100 cm per chair or stool

Construction of the kitchen island with counter

From these data, the later measurements for the kitchen island are derived. You can also proceed differently in the structure:

  • in the form of a bar
  • in the form of a counter

Counter height and worktop height

The counter is completely at the same height. On the other hand, the counter is graduated so that the sink and worktop can be integrated on the inside. The height dimensions amount to between 70 and 100 cm for the worktop area and 110 to 120 cm for the counter area.

Completely build yourself or mount kit

When building your own, you can proceed differently. You can build the kitchen island with counter completely yourself (DIY) or fall back on kits, as offered by Ikea, for example. If you want to completely build the kitchen island yourself, we recommend this comprehensive construction manual.

Various building materials for the kitchen island with counter

In addition, you can use different materials when building the kitchen island with counter. The self-construction of the kitchen island with Ytong (gas concrete) is just as possible as a kitchen island made of pallets.

Cooking island or kitchen island

In addition, you still have to decide what the functional cost should be: a pure worktop, with sink or even with hob as a cooking island with bar. All this depends on your space requirements, whether the various connections can be made and whether you can attach the kitchen island accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

In the event that you want to build a cooking island with kitchen counter instead of a kitchen island, you may also have to hang the ceiling for the cooking island.

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