Food processor: Is an acquisition useful at all?

In advertising, you are touted as an all-rounder and as a real time saver: food processors. Many doubt, however, whether a food processor actually makes sense. Whether the purchase of a food processor is worth what and what speaks against it, read in this post.

Functions of food processors

The basic function of a food processor generally consists of a stand unit with motor, which contains a bowl and an agitator with different Whispers. The starting point for a food processor is therefore always the classic blender.

Depending on the manufacturer or model, however, numerous additional functions are provided - which you rarely really need all:

  • meat grinder
  • juicers
  • vegetable cutter
  • spiral Schneider
  • Crushers, raspers, potato graters
  • Smoothie maker
  • Attachment for pasta production
  • Ice cream equipment
  • Attachment for cookies

Much of the accessories often have to be purchased separately, so the price is higher. But you can also put together the required functions individually.

Advantages of food processors

The biggest advantage of a food processor lies in its compactness. You have all the equipment you need in one device, so you just need to use the accessories accordingly. This is extremely space-saving - individual appliances would require significantly more space in the kitchen, or even in the kitchen cupboard.

This advantage is only then to the detriment, if you want to use devices at the same time side by side - for example, in addition to the meat grinder at the same time something in Blender be made. This will rarely be the case in private kitchens.

Interesting is also the price advantage: High quality kitchen machines are certainly cheaper to buy than the purchase of high quality single units with the same performance. Here is another advantage of the food processor.

Possible disadvantages

Really disadvantageous are kitchen machines as already mentioned, if one comes into the conflict to use several functions at the same time. This can sometimes be the case with modern cooking appliances like the Thermomix.

A food processor is superfluous even if you only use individual functions every now and then. In this case, it's better to buy individual devices for exactly this purpose - such as a smoothie mixer.

Tips & Tricks

Always think in advance exactly what functions you actually need. Blindly buying a Thermomix because he can do it all is probably not the most sensible strategy. Especially in small kitchens, if you would need more than one appliance, the purchase of a food processor is usually worthwhile.

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