Modernize your kitchen - you can do it all

Kitchens are designed for long lifetimes - but at some point they will get a bit older. What you can do to modernize an older kitchen and to bring it back up to date, you will find in our article.

need for modernization

When kitchens have been around for a decade or more, they are often outdated or worn out. Possible measures for modernization are then:

  • Refreshing the design or the color
  • Renovation of the kitchen worktop
  • Replacement of the sink
  • Exchange of electrical appliances

Refreshing the design or the color

It's easy to change out-of-date designs by wrapping the kitchen. Other options include painting the kitchen or replacing the kitchen fronts.

Foil the kitchen

Slides cost about 30 EUR per meter and are quite easy to apply even with a squeegee. They are available in many modern designs and also allow you to transform your kitchen into trendy designs. It is best to use particularly strong, so-called flex films and, for problematic areas, a hair dryer to heat the film, and a helper.

Paint kitchen

Painting over or painting the kitchen is a way to replace old, unsightly shades with a more recent one. When painting you have to be very careful, so that the result looks really perfect. If in doubt, you can also paint - a specialist takes over this work, the individual parts of the front, however, must usually be delivered there.

Renew kitchen front

For high quality kitchens, it can also be a way to have the fronts replaced with bespoke new fronts. The cost of doing so is quite high.

Renovation of the kitchen worktop

The kitchen worktop can be exchanged quite easily for a new one. The cost of kitchen worktops are between 10 EUR and 20 EUR for very simple worktops, and go up to 100 EUR per linear meter in high-quality models.

If the new countertop has been cut to size and the required cut-outs have been made, it is easy to reinstall.

Replacement of the sink

Even rinses often show signs of wear after a few years. Sink and sink fitting can be easily replaced - this can also enhance the appearance of the kitchen.

Exchange of electrical appliances

Many older electrical appliances do not work properly or consume too much power. Replacing the appliances with more modern ones after a few years also helps to prevent damage and repairs at an early stage. There are also hardly any spare parts available for many older devices.

When exchanging, however, always pay attention to the quality of the new devices: Older branded devices are often still better and more reliable than modern low-cost electrical devices.

Tips & Tricks

When modernizing your kitchenette, consider making sure you do not refresh the entire kitchen. A new floor covering or a new wall paint can sometimes enhance the appearance of the entire kitchen significantly.

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