Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin

Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin: kitchen

Installation of a vegetable washbasin

Whether it's a Saturday night party for friends or a family evening with pizza, today's food is the kitchen the most popular place for a cozy get-together.

Bring an additional vegetable sink so someone can help you with cooking.

Fill it with ice cubes later in the evening and you're done a practical ice bucket or "mini fridge".

material list

  • Dremel® TRIO ™ with parallel and circular cutter,
    Wall tile cutter TR562, Multipurpose Carbide Router TR563
  • Stainless steel vegetable sink
  • Designer tap, z. B. a single lever mixer
  • Silicone sealant
  • Drain fitting for the sink
  • Lines for connection to the water network

Step 1

Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin: vegetable

Turn your new vegetable sink over and over draw the outline with a pencil on the tiled and protected with a bulkhead work area next to the old sink.

Hold at least half a meter distance from the existing sink. Now draw the inner edge of the pelvis in the already drawn circle and erase the outer line again.

step 2

Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin: installation

Cut out the ceramic tiles of the work surface with the Dremel TRIO (wall tile cutter) along the drawn line either freehand or generate using the parallel and circle cutter a perfect circle (max diameter: 160 mm). Cut the underlying wood along the same line, this time with the Dremel TRIO and the multipurpose carbide cutter.

step 3

Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin: installation

Draw the outline of the foot piece of your designer tap about 15 cm from the cutout for the vegetable washbasin on the tiled worktop and cut out this smaller opening as before.

Step 4

Insert the vegetable sink and seal it by applying transparent silicone compound under the rim. Now mount your new designer fitting. Lock off the main water tap and cut the existing tap water pipe to create a connection for the new tap with a T-piece. However, we recommend that you hire a skilled plumber.

Kitchen modernization - installation of a vegetable washbasin: kitchen

Courtesy ofDremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

The creative Ideabook of Dremel® contains 50 original ideas for craft projects with different levels of difficulty as well as countless possibilities for your own projects with the versatile tool systems from Dremel.

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