Organize your kitchen - these tips will help you

Order is half the life - even more so for the kitchen. In a well-designed kitchen, work is easier to do, and tidying up is easier. This saves time - and it also creates much more pleasure in cooking. A few valuable tips for your kitchen organization can be found in this article.

Basic layout of the kitchen

Everything should have a place in a well-organized kitchen. The first step in the organization of the kitchen is, therefore, to form categories so that what belongs together can always be given together:

  • cutlery
  • Vorlegebesteck
  • Kitchen gadgets and knives
  • Pots, pans, casseroles and roasting dishes
  • Plates, cups, and other dishes
  • Foods that are used directly
  • Foods that are kept in stock
  • Food, sauces and spices needed for cooking

A place should be found for each of these categories. If a single cabinet is too small for that, multiple storage spaces must house a category - but what should be together should always stay together as much as possible.

Optimal accommodation

Fundamental to the kitchen order is that it makes paths as short as possible. Everything you need should always be within reach as far as possible:

  • Sauces and spices within reach of the stove
  • Pots and pans and kitchen utensils within reach of the cooking surface
  • Knife within reach of the work surface

Just look at the paths you take in cooking - and think about where you can best place things so that they are as short as possible or completely eliminated.

In many cases, it is worthwhile, for example, to place cutlery directly next to the sink - so it can be cleared away much easier and easier after rinsing.

Divide partitions

Always try to keep things as clear as possible in trays and drawers. The cutlery drawer with the cutlery box is a good example of what a good subdivision can look like.

For this reason, so-called pharmacy cabinets for taking off are much better for a functioning order than countless drawers. In this way, a storage cupboard can be organized much more clearly.

In addition, you should always pack all stored food in sturdy containers made of glass or plastic. This not only protects against food moths but also provides a better overview. Always use transparent containers so that you can see the contents - otherwise you should always attach legible and easily recognizable labels.

Tips & Tricks

Also create a "petty drawer" - in which comes everything that does not belong directly to another category. You'll always know that everything that belongs nowhere in this drawer must be.

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