Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation

To renovate a kitchen is not only a cheaper alternative to a complete renovation and new acquisition of all inventory. Even usable resources such as a still reasonably modern and functional electric appliance can be sensibly used, instead of throwing many things simply on the trash, and additionally polluting the environment. How can a kitchen conversion succeed with the least manageable effort, how can usage potentials be developed?

From small make big

Often, the kitchen cabinet is already ready to fit if the kitchen is to be optically modernized. There are only a few design decisions to make, so that the kitchen appears effective in a completely new look.

Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation: successful

Especially when the family situation changes - for example, when family growth is announced - it is often the best time to think about expanding the kitchen in order to meet future growing demand and increasing capacity utilization. Given the small family budget, it may make sense to renovate the kitchen instead of buying a completely new one. Compared to a new kitchen can be saved in the way up to 50 percent cost.

In order not to give away valuable space for delusions and to have maximum storage space available, numerous providers in the market have specialized in extending existing systems in a cost-saving manner, rather than simply replacing the fronts or repainting the surfaces with colored acrylic lacquer.

For the rest, with a functional extension of the built-in elements make custom-made carpenter's hand made to measure. For example, a kitchen made to measure by Schmidt Küchen can extend existing cabinets up to the height of the room in order to make the most of the height of the room.

Additional storage space can be created where otherwise unused "dead space" that is difficult to clean is "accessible". In the additional reserve areas that can be stowed then those things that are not needed daily, but should still be available in the kitchen.

In a new guise

The easiest and cheapest kitchen renovation can be achieved if only the kitchen fronts and furniture handles are replaced. Decisive for the first impression in the kitchen are their fronts.

But a kitchen renovation is the ideal job for do-it-yourselfers. Although cabinets, countertops and appliances are usually used on a daily basis, kitchens are usually replaced after 20 years.

Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation: renovate


When replacing the kitchen fronts, there are two options. If the fitted kitchen has standardized dimensions, prefabricated kitchen fronts can be used. Such can be found in numerous colors and many materials. Otherwise, the kitchen fronts must be made to measure, which determine the new design. In addition suitable also new door handles can be mounted. They are easily replaceable and do not cost much. However, the effect that such small details can achieve is not to be underestimated.

Old-fashioned brass or antique designs can be replaced with straight brushed or mirror polished stainless steel shapes. In combination with simple white fronts, the kitchen looks much more modern.

Tiled walls can be painted with impact and scratch resistant tile paint. the high-gloss, quick-drying lacquers provide a shock and impact-resistant surface for all wall tiles in the kitchen area. As an alternative to the classic tiled wall, a frosted glass plate can also be installed behind the stove as a splash guard by means of a mounting adhesive.

set priorities

If you want to renovate inexpensive, should set priorities. For example, a new coat of paint on the walls and kitchen fronts protects the wallet and sets fresh accents, but certain parts are ready for replacement in order to save costs in the future. This is true for the total calcified, dripping faucet or the old dishwasher, which consumes too much power.

Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation: tips

Central work surfaces save ways.

When it comes to power supply, it should be borne in mind that there are necessarily sufficient sockets available. The trend in kitchens is that the number of small appliances used continues to increase. For example, when replacing the old worktop, an innovative, power-driven plate can be used on which the mobile phone can be charged right away.

On some manufacturers' sides there are digital 3-D kitchen planners, with the help of which the individual kitchen elements can be moved back and forth in the planning phase. It can already be taken into account, for example, that storage tall cabinets and refrigerators are put together to avoid long journeys and long searches. In the economic sense should also about

  • Cooking and water place as close as possible to each other
  • The paths between the main working area and the waterhole should be as short as possible
  • Storage areas for heavy purchases right next to the storage area to provide relief.

Let there be light

Special effects with comparatively little manual effort and skill can be achieved in a redesigned kitchen with punctual LED light sources, which can be mounted under wall cabinets or on kitchen shelves.

Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation: tips

Lamps in the extractor eliminate additional lighting on the stove.

With additional wall lighting even the most remote corners can be reached and illuminated. Ideally, the recessed lights have an adjustable dimmer, with which the brightness in the room to the desired atmosphere, the respective activity as well as the current state of mind is adaptable.

Especially for surface-mounted luminaires below the cabinets, halogen or fluorescent lamps are recommended as they cast the light directly downwards and have a side glare protection. Adequate illumination of the work surfaces is the be-all and end-all of a sophisticated lighting design to avoid accidents.

While height-adjustable pendant luminaires are ideal for visually separating the kitchen's dining area from the cooking area, flexible bar, cable or rail systems are ideal for providing adequate home lighting in the kitchen.

Individual light accents can best be achieved with spotlights and spotlights, creating the atmosphere in particular individual pieces of furniture or other points in the room can put in the right light.

Kitchen planning - online & offline

For the area "kitchen" there arespecial tools, which are limited exclusively to the planning of kitchens and mini kitchens. The programs are available either as an online tool for your web browser or as an installation variant. Most online planners do not require installation, as they are embedded directly on a website and you can work comfortably in the browser. With the installation variant, you download the kitchen planner as a setup file and install it like a normal program on your computer, so the program is also available to you in offline mode.

A few steps to the new kitchen

Renovate the kitchen: tips for a successful implementation: renovate

A planning software saves complications.

Structurally, most planners are designed similarly. An assistant guides you through various sections where you can define the details of the kitchen according to your personal wishes. First, the basic dimensions, such as possible inclinations of the room determined.

This is followed by the colors of the walls and floor coverings, before finally assembling the furniture for the new kitchen. Kitchen furniture such as wall cabinets, base cabinets, tables, etc. can either be planned as any sample furniture, or you can directly use the specific equipment of a manufacturer. Most of them are large furniture stores that develop their own tools to prepare their products for planning.

From planning to reality

During planning, the kitchen planner displays the floor plan of the kitchen with all specified elements. Some interior designers are also able to design the room during the planning phase to display in three dimensionsso that you get a direct idea of ​​the new kitchen. If the planning is completed, it is possible to save the result of the kitchen planning, if you want to make changes later. In addition, planners often have the option to print out a list of materials, as well as the floor plan of the kitchen, which then help with the purchase of the furniture and the subsequent furnishings.

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