Renovate the kitchen - what are the costs?

A renovation of the kitchen is always much cheaper than a new purchase. What costs can be incurred during the renovation, and which measures and techniques are the most cost-effective, you will learn in detail in this post.


Basically, kitchen renovation is about renewing the worktop on the one hand and the fronts on the other. Once that is done, the kitchen is at least visually as new.

This can also be a technical renovation come - they can replace devices and fittings and renew. The cost of such a refurbishment depends on the quality of the equipment you are purchasing - so you can not quantify it on a flat-rate basis.

Cheapest renovation possibility

The cheapest way to renovate a kitchen or visually transform, is certainly the complete foliation of the kitchen. Both the worktop and the front can be foliated.

In both cases you have to reckon with costs of around 30 EUR per meter of kitchen. There is also a bit of waste, but you may be able to use it elsewhere.

A 2.50 m long kitchen can thus be optically renewed with a cost of around 150 EUR and very little effort.

Other possibilities

More elaborate and more expensive with other options:

  • Renewing the worktop
  • Painting the fronts
  • Exchange of fronts

Renewing the worktop

Renewing the worktop does not have to be too expensive. With cost-effective worktops you can even be cheaper in individual cases than with the foil - but the effort is always much higher.

Prices for kitchen worktops start at around 10 - 20 EUR, plus the costs for cutting and gluing the cut edges.

Painting the fronts

The costs incurred depend on the paint system used. However, priming, primer and topcoat coating can sometimes cost more than filming. The effort is higher in any case, the result in many cases less high quality than when filming.

Exchange of fronts

Kitchen fronts can also be exchanged completely. For this, made-to-measure fronts are used. The price is relatively high and worthwhile only with really high-quality kitchens.

Tips & Tricks

Always keep in mind that only the outside of the doors is renewed when you paint the foil - the original design is retained inside. The kitchen cabinets and doors to wrap inside is not usually worthwhile.

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