Renovate fitted kitchen - what is possible?

Kitchens have a long life - but after a few years, they are increasingly losing their appeal. Traces of wear are spreading, and devices are becoming obsolete. How to renovate a kitchen so you do not have to buy a new one and what you should think about, read here.


If you want to bring a kitchen back to the spirit of the times, you should basically have three areas in mind:

  • the optical renewal
  • the technical renovation and
  • the appreciation of the kitchen

The cost of a thorough renovation of the kitchen are in many cases significantly lower than the purchase of a new kitchen - renovation is worthwhile, especially in quality kitchens almost always. However, a renovation should always be comprehensive, and bring real improvements.

Optical renewal

Living room designs change with the years - this also applies to the kitchen. Over time, the old kitchen block hardly fits into the contemporary designed room.

There are several ways to change the design:

  • the foil of the kitchen
  • the replacement of the worktop
  • the renewing of the fronts
  • changing the kitchen layout

Foiling at a cost of around 60 EUR per meter of kitchen is certainly the cheapest way to transform the design of the kitchen block sustainable. A coating of the surface (this is also possible for the worktop without any problems) helps to make an old design disappear completely and to create a completely new one. If necessary, a kitchen can certainly be rewrapped a few more times.

To replace worktops makes sense, especially if there are already significant signs of wear. The effort is slightly higher than for foil, the costs are between 20 EUR and 80 EUR per meter of worktop.

Completely renewing the fronts can be another measure, which is very costly and really worthwhile only for very high quality kitchens.

Technical renewal

Old devices consume a lot of power and may be prone to failure or be threatened by defects. When replacing the devices but you should always pay attention to the quality and think ahead - Cheapest devices often make problems and trouble after a short time.

Also, make sure that new devices bring you greater benefits and more functionality. Only then is the renovation measure really sustainable.

Upgrading the kitchen

Think about how you can enhance your kitchen even further - for example by attaching a bar or setting up a kitchen island. Take advantage of the lessons learned from recent years of kitchen use and try to make your renovated kitchen more functional and ergonomic.

Tips & Tricks

Also, the replacement of an old, worn sink can make sense in the course of the renovation. Think about whether you're buying a high quality, very durable model - such as a ceramic sink.

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