Rebuild kitchen - everything is possible

If a kitchen is already getting a bit old, you can certainly modernize it again something. In the course of the renovation, it is also interesting to rebuild the kitchen according to your own needs. What is possible, and some clever ideas for a useful conversion of the kitchen you will find in this article.

Changing the kitchen layout

Basically, the shape of the kitchen is quite variable in fitted kitchens. A built-in kitchen is modular and consists only of juxtaposed cabinets. The entire kitchen is held together only by the worktop.

If you remove the worktop, you can change the kitchen layout as desired, and have a new, matching worktop made (or even cut). The cost is extremely low - a new worktop costs per meter usually between 20 EUR and 80 EUR.

Change of the kitchen form

From a single-line kitchen you can usually easily make a L-kitchen, if that lends itself. Remember, however, that you lose the space of a corner cupboard - which is normally 60 cm wide - in the event of such a change since you will no longer be able to use the cupboard.

Conversely, this is also possible if you drop off or shorten the shorter side of an L-kitchen. This can often be worth it, because it brings a lot of space in the room and makes the appearance of the kitchenette look more compact and friendly overall. The lost storage space can also make up for it with a tall cupboard.

Build kitchen island

If you move parts of the kitchen into the room, you can easily create an island kitchen. In many cases, this not only looks visually appealing, but is also practical. You can shorten the original kitchen line accordingly and make it appear more visually pleasing.

For the kitchen island, for example, you can simply place two kitchen shelves in the middle of the room and cover it with your own worktop. Preferably, this is useful for storage racks - when you release the stove you would have to extend the connection cable from the kitchen to the island and lay as possible below the floor.

A free-standing sink would also be practical, but is usually because of the connections only with great effort later to realize

Tips & Tricks

Also, consider whether you can not omit some of the wall cabinets - this will make the kitchen visually less stubby. Under certain circumstances, you will then find the storage space of the wall cabinets in a shelf below a bar solution. Be creative

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