Paint kitchen - which color fits?

There are several possible criteria for the matching color of kitchen walls. On which basis one can determine the color design, can be read in this article.

Criteria for the choice of color

  • trend colors
  • Color effects and color harmonies
  • Color themes of structure and color

trend colors

Trend colors change at regular intervals. Bright, bold colors are out. The new trends are of earthy, natural-looking colors. Grays, brown and sand colors dominate at the moment. Violet is still up to date as a contrasting color.

In current kitchen designs, flat designs dominate with only a few accents and ornaments.

Color effects and color harmonies

The psychological color effect can also be a criterion for the selection of the color. Bright blues and greens are soothing, red and yellow are stimulating and stimulating.

Orange can boost your appetite. This color should therefore be avoided in kitchen designs. Violet has exactly the opposite effect.

Pinks have a soothing effect and promote communication.

Color themes of structure, pattern and color

Mediterranean designs are made of terracotta and earth tones combined with washed-out structures, such as sponge technology.

Larger washes combined with misty gray tones create a twilight atmosphere in the kitchen. Such designs are also currently in fashion in other rooms.

Repeating, very large patterns are also a possibility for the kitchen. They can be painted or made using wall tattoos.

For kitchens in retro style pattern rolls are suitable, which create a kind of painted wallpaper on the kitchen wall. Here you can also use classic patterns such as floral motifs.

Stencil patterns can be used as borders or individual stripes and also go well with kitchens in retro style.

Tips & Tricks

Ideas for the design of the kitchen walls can also be found in the catalogs and brochures of the major kitchen manufacturers. There you can usually see the effect of the current trend colors and patterns.

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