Kitchen sink as a multifunctional workplace

Kitchen sink as a multifunctional workplace: kitchen

The sink is next to the stove the second center of the modern kitchen. No wonder that she is becoming increasingly important as a multifunctional workplace. The sink is often underestimated in its importance as a design and functional feature in the kitchen. But according to research even in households that own a dishwasher, still spent 60 percent of kitchen work time at the sink. The traditional sink is increasingly becoming a multifunctional workplace.

Innovative design in kitchen everyday life

Modern sinks facilitate the kitchen work For example, by additional multi-functional trays, generous shelves or on the sink sliding cutting boards. In addition to classic sink colors, modern trend colors such as lemon or espresso make the sink an eye-catcher. The designs are also more varied, ranging from ripples with wave waves to asymmetrical shapes. This applies to all types of sinks: single-sink sinks, bunk sinks, corner solutions or the currently modern sinks.

Robust materials

Because the sink is one of the most used and therefore the most heavily used kitchen items especially when it comes with rugged, heat-resistant and easy-care materials. Well suited are stainless steel, ceramic or composite materials such as granite. An advantage of ceramics and composites over the widely used stainless steel is that the surfaces need not be polished bare. In addition, ceramic sinks, as well as the hard, non-porous quartz-acrylic sinks, shock, impact and scratch resistant. On the other hand, the dishes in hard ceramic pools are vulnerable to breakage. But even a simple dish rack in the sink can help to protect the porcelain.

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