Kitchen sink: Replace faucet

The fittings do not always last as long as the sink itself. What you have to pay attention to if you want to replace the faucet on the sink, and how this basically works, you will learn in detail in this post.

Matching fittings

Not every fitting fits every sink. Therefore, you should always check before buying a new fitting:

  • whether the fitting fits with its height to the sink
  • whether the operability of the fitting is easily possible
  • whether the existing mounting holes also fit for the new fitting

If necessary, you can punch an additional opening or a larger opening and close the old openings with shutters. Visually, this does not always look nice. In any case, it is better to buy a fitting fitting.

Installation of the valve

Replacing the fitting is very simple:

  • Shut off the water inlet (angle valves and, best of all, the main water tap)
  • Release connection of old fitting, loosen fixing washer of old fitting, pull upwards
  • Insert new fitting from above, align, fix mounting plate with nut and connect pipes

Tips & Tricks

Compare the prices when buying the fitting, but branded products often have a much longer life than cheap products. Always weigh here.

Video Board: How to Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet