Lacquer sink - is that possible?

If a sink over time has already clear signs of deterioration, the question arises again and again, whether you can not just overpaint it. Whether this works, which materials are possible, and which other options you might also have to think about, read this article.

rinse materials

Rinses are made from only a few materials. As a rule, a sink therefore consists of one of the following materials:

  • Granite or the so-called quartz composite
  • Ceramics (especially expensive and very high quality sinks)
  • Stainless steel (the classic and "quasi-standard")


For the individual materials, the paintability is different. But it is always difficult and time-consuming. The kitchen sink must be painted completely smooth, the surface must then be absolutely smooth and dense. In addition, the paint should also be reasonably resistant.

Paint granite sink

Granite and quartz composite are not natural stones in the sinks, but a mixed with about 20% acrylic rock flour. Painting is therefore very difficult because hardly a firm ink adhesion can be achieved on the resin. In addition, it is difficult to get a balanced color result, even if the color stops.

Paint ceramic sink

You can not "paint" a ceramic sink - you could, if necessary, re-coat it like a sink. How this works is explained by clicking on the link provided.

The coating is sufficiently durable to be suitable for everyday use. The process is relatively complex and requires some skill if you really want a perfect-looking result. The costs for coating materials are self-directed at around 70 EUR. If you leave the coating in the specialist, you have to expect significantly higher costs.

Paint stainless steel sink

Basically you can paint stainless steel - but the question is whether the paint is sufficiently durable. Especially with movements of the material (such as expanding in hot water or spring back when hitting dishes) many coatings would jump.

The best way to do such a paint done by a specialist. Although there are occasionally special products including special primer, but these products are very expensive and require a lot of expertise in the application. Whether the costs stand for it, everyone must then decide for themselves.

Tips & Tricks

Especially with stainless steel sinks, the price of a new sink is often below the price of a paint job. In this case, a new purchase is to be considered. Ceramic sinks, on the other hand, show little more than a few scratches, even after years - these scratches can often be easily polished or repaired with appropriate pins for repair.

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