Build a kitchen table with base frame yourself

Time and again shows that a kitchen table is often more than a place to eat. Often it is the social center of a household and it is where the most important and interesting conversations of residents and guests take place. Also this circumstance should be paid in diy and build yourself in round or square version tribute.

Material selection and basic construction

When a kitchen table is built by itself, a basic mounting style meets all requirements for stability, load-bearing capacity and stability. A tabletop can be a solid wood panel or a coated or veneered worktop. A simple rectangular frame on the underside ensures sufficient stability even against Durchbeigen and a stable way to attach the legs of the table.

For kitchen furniture, the potential for splashing with water and fat as well as high humidity due to cooking processes should always be taken into account. Hardwoods such as oak or ash are preferable to softer shrubs when choosing the wood for the diy. Soft shrubs such as pine and multipurpose panels (MDF or OSB) must be protected by appropriate painting and sealing.

How to build a kitchen table yourself

  • tabletop
  • Four frame rails or boards
  • Four table legs
  • Four diagonal struts
  • Stud bolts and female thread or mounting bracket with screws
  • Tape measure or folding rule
  • spirit level
  • circular saw
  • Grinding machine and medium
  • Brushing tool such as brush, roller and / or spray gun

1. Frame shape and dimensions

To give the plate sufficient load capacity and at the same time a practical underframe, build a rectangular frame. Also under round table tops, in this case, square frame can be mounted. The frame boards should be ten to 15 centimeters wide. The corners can be glued with. Metal angles on the inside are invisible and the simplest connection reinforcement.

2. Frame dimensions

The size of the frame aligns with the tabletop size. Under a rectangular or square table top, place the frame 10 to 15 centimeters from the outside edges. The closer the frame is placed to the edge, the higher the risk that seated users will later knock on their knees. As a rule of thumb, the closer to the edge, the smaller the frame width. In the case of round table tops, they measure the distance between the square frame at the frame corners and the edge of the plate.

3. Frame attachment

The assembled frame glued on the underside of the table top. You can reinforce large frames by diagonal braces on the inside.

4. Mount table legs

You can fix vertically placed table legs with special wreaths, which are screwed to the underside of the table top. Insert stud bolts into the legs of the table. As a result, you can adjust the millimeter deviations that may have occurred during the design by screwing them in accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

If you make a kitchen table out of pallets yourself, the two-dimensionality of the structure already creates a frame-like frame. The high weight of a pallet requires a high cross section of vertically mounted table legs, which you should not choose below 15 centimeters.

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