Kitchen under the roof pitch - you have to pay attention

In developed attic rooms, accommodating a kitchen is often particularly tricky. What kind of things you need to pay particular attention to when planning a kitchen, and which solutions are offered, is explained in detail in our article.

Kitchens in rooms with sloping ceilings

The location of a kitchen usually depends on where the connections are located:

  • mains water supply
  • Waste water connection
  • Stove connection and sockets

Electrical connections can usually be laid without problems or extend the necessary cables if necessary - but this is often more difficult with water and wastewater connections. In some cases, kitchen planning becomes a real challenge.

Required minimum heights

As for the minimum height of knee-level or the standing height under the roof slope, there are no fixed requirements. You can, however, approach the minimum height of kitchen cupboards and the usual kitchen heights.

To have enough headroom, kitchen cabinets should always be at least 50 cm located above the kitchen worktop. The same applies analogously for the height of the slope above the kitchen.

With the kitchen countertop, you can start from a height of around 90 cm, depending on how tall you are. In most cases, knee height and steepness of the slope do not support these minimum dimensions - so the kitchen will be very common across to the slope install.

Multi-line kitchens and island kitchens

You may be able to use the space under the slope as a storage area, and outsource the main area of ​​the kitchen with stove in an upstream kitchen or island. However, this solution is in most cases more expensive than a conventional, one-line kitchen and often associated with significantly greater installation effort.

With two existing bevels, which are particularly steep (gable side), you can also shorten the kitchen accordingly and make it in two parts in front of each other. If your connections are laid on the gable wall, in most cases you will have no other choice than this solution.

Possible solutions

Below we will list some solutions for problems in the area of ​​roof pitches. Not all of these solutions are optimal, but in many cases still quite feasible.

  • oversized kitchen worktop
  • Cabinets with oversized drawers / pharmacist cabinets
  • special extractor hoods
  • shelf systems adapted to the slope

Oversized kitchen worktop

To make working under the slope more comfortable, you can increase the worktop in depth. This provides more headroom. The height of the worktop should, if possible, not be changed.

The problem with this solution is that kitchen cabinets always have a standard depth, and thus the storage space behind the kitchen cabinets remains unused. Especially where there is not much space available, this solution is actually a waste of space.

In addition, you can think of custom storage shelves in the back of the worktop (the slanted part). You can also close such shelves by sliding doors and get a lot of additional storage and storage space.

Cabinets with oversized drawers / pharmacist cabinets

In order to compensate for the problem just mentioned in the kitchen cabinets, over-depth drawers can be installed, which extend to the underlying wall, and thus create much more storage space with an over-depth worktop.

Alternatively, overlong pharmacy statements are also available, which also make it easier to organize things and to achieve them. An extension because of the excessive worktop is often quite easy to construct here.

Special extractor hoods

If necessary, extractors should work in the circulating air system and be adaptable to the slope. Here, the selection of a suitable model is sufficient.

Sloped shelving systems

For kitchens installed across the slope, you can also use wall-mounted modular shelving systems instead of hanging cabinets whose design suits the kitchen. Thus, the existing space can often better exploit. Plan in advance which modules you need for what, where you need doors, and where not.

Tips & Tricks

For the extractor possibly a stronger attachment is necessary. Definitely plan this in advance.

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