Kitchen walls made of aerated concrete blocks

You always buy kitchens, and they are always made of wood - wrong. You can also wall a kitchen easily from aerated concrete blocks or plan stones themselves. How to do that, and what things you need to keep in mind, read this post.

Kitchen made of aerated concrete

Kitchen cabinets can either be made of wood or built as masonry. For this purpose, the partitions between the individual cabinets are bricked up with aerated concrete blocks or paving stones and later covered with the worktop.

The interior fittings of the cabinets can be made of wood, the installation bays can also rest on plinths made of plan stones. Individual internal dividers can also be bricked to make the kitchen more stable overall. That makes them more stable. At the front doors can be taken in.

Drawers are possible in principle, the kitchen looks more beautiful, however, with the same size doors on all kitchen cabinets. In addition, the storage space is overall so clear and easily accessible.

Style of brick kitchens

A brick-walled kitchen is best suited for country-style interiors. Wooden doors with a fluted look fit the doors, and the aerated concrete blocks are then plastered in white.

As a worktop, all rustic woods are suitable, but also rustic tile designs fit charmingly into the construction. The sink should fit as much as possible to the country house style, a fitting in matching style complements the overall picture then harmonious.

Price for a brick kitchen

Of course, the costs of such DIY kitchens are much lower than the price of a ready-made kitchen. The design is variable and the kitchen can be built exactly to measure. In addition to the bricks and a worktop costs still incurred for the plaster and the required wood. Overall, the cost is quite low.

kitchen planning

When planning the kitchen you should definitely start with the necessary storage space. For the installation bays and the widths of the individual cabinets, you should assume the usual standard dimensions - even if you are walling yourself, it is advantageous to stick to proven and usual dimensions.

You can create the internal divisions according to your own needs. If you plan something ahead, you can put trays at exactly the right height. This will also make it easier for you to keep order in your kitchen later and to organize the kitchen.

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