Kitchen window curtains - ideas and solutions

Especially in the kitchen, the curtains and curtains make up a large part of the cozy ambience. Nevertheless, in addition to beautiful appealing ideas in the kitchen also robust and colorfast materials should be used. Here we show you some practical solutions for curtains in front of the kitchen window, which stay beautiful for a long time.

Cook-proof materials

Well suited as a small kitchen curtain directly at the bottom of the pane is a nice kitchen towel. The window can be redecorated very quickly if you use clip holders, which are also used for bistro curtains. If the towels do not look good after a few washes, they are simply used as a tea towel.


Many think even crocheted curtains are particularly sensitive. But the delicate white cotton yarn is often even boil-proof. Even the colored variants are at least from time to time in the 60 degree laundry in good hands. So the greasy steam that has settled in the curtains is rinsed out again. The most robust variant for self-crocheted curtains is the filet crochet, which is also particularly easy to learn. After some cozy winter evenings, you will have your own individual kitchen curtain.

Easy-care fabrics

Easy-care fabrics can not be washed as hot as the cotton materials. They also do not mind frequent washing. Unbeatable are these curtains and curtains but in terms of ironing, because that is easy. You can still hang the easy-care materials damp and let them dry on the window.

Select materials and curtains soon

  • Boil-proof materials - a lot of ironing work - but very robust and durable
  • Crochet curtains - individual and decorative - single pieces - nevertheless robust
  • easy-care fabrics - delicate eye catchers - tolerate frequent washes - no ironing

Tips & Tricks

If your kitchen is still steaming, curtains and drapes made of fabric quickly become unsightly and washed out. A simple solution to the frequent washing are curtains made of the material of noble shower curtains. This material can tolerate the constant damp heat much better and can be wiped off with a damp cloth in between.

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