Disassemble a kitchen worktop

A kitchen plate has to endure a lot. At some point, therefore, there is always time to renew it. But before that is the dismantling of the old worktop. What is to be considered when disassembling a kitchen worktop and how you proceed, you will find below.

First, the old kitchen worktop must be removed

If the renovation of the kitchen worktop does not work anymore, a new one must be made. But first the old plate has to be removed. When disassembling, there are various works that actually occur with each kitchen plate:

  • removing the end strips
  • Loosen the connection fittings
  • Remove hob and sink
  • Uninstalling the mixer tap (faucet)
  • Release the connection angle

Gradual disassembly of the kitchen top

preparatory work

Before replacing the plate, the fuses or FI switch should be switched off. Make sure that there is no more power - especially at the 400 V connection for the oven. In addition, the water should be turned off.

Remove the trailing bars

First, remove the end strips. Different systems are used here. The end strips can be glued or screwed. With screwed Endleisten the actual bar can be removed. Behind it is a screwed-on mounting strip. Maybe the end strips are also glued with silicone.

Disassemble sink and hob

Sink and glass ceramic hob are fixed from below with mounting brackets. These are screwed in all around. Remove all. Then the siphon must be removed from the sink. The hob will flip up so it can be disconnected from the oven. A specialist should help for this work. Sink and hob can also have been sealed with silicone or other sealant to the kitchen top. Lifting may require a bit more force.

Release connection fittings

Most kitchens are designed at right angles, so they have a short and a long worktop that are joined together in a push. Find out more about joining kitchen worktops here. The two parts are fastened with connecting fittings. These are to be solved.

Unscrew the angle and lift out the plate

Now all angle connectors must be removed from the base cabinets to the kitchen worktop. Be careful not to miss any connection angles. Now all fittings are removed, the worktop can be lifted out. Depending on how the panel was once installed, a short and a long kitchen worktop may have additionally been glued for bonding. It may therefore be necessary to break apart or saw off both plates.

Tips & Tricks

Take the dimensions for the new kitchen worktop before disassembly. So there is a lower risk of wrong measurements. The cutting of the worktops can then be done directly at the seller.

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