Repair a kitchen counter

Kitchen worktops have to endure a lot. Since it ever comes to damage the plate. Here are some advanced ways to repair a kitchen worktop.

Damage to kitchen worktops happens again and again

Kitchen worktops are used every day. The loads are correspondingly high. The typical damage to the surface looks like this:

  • chipped corners
  • Holes in the worktop
  • Discoloration or scratches

Properties of most countertops

Many kitchen worktops are equipped with a durable plastic surface. Therefore you can also use appropriate tools to repair a kitchen worktop.

Fill holes in the plate with special hard wax or plastic

The specialist trade offers plastic melting flasks. Matching this there are hard wax and plastic bars in many different shades, which can be easily melted. These systems are also so well suited because the different shades of hard wax bars can be mixed together to form individual shades.

Repair with liquid plastic or molten hard wax

First, the damaged area must be cleaned. Any excess fibers of the worktop must be removed with a sharp pry bar. Then the damaged area is cleaned. Now you can melt the hard wax bars and mix them together to the right color combination. The mass is now filled into the hole on the surface until it overhangs.

In several steps to the appropriate color

After curing, the filling can be ground well. If the color does not fit yet optimally, grind a little more and mix again the different bars until you have hit the color so well that the damaged area is no longer visible.

However, this repair solution is not always good

The only downside to this repair variant: stopping a hot pot at this point is not recommended. However, should that be one of the requirements, you can also use other fillers and putties that are heat resistant.

The damaged area will always remain a weak spot

In addition, the retailers also offer different colors for these solutions, which can be mixed with each other to the appropriate color and are also heat-resistant. However, with any solution, it should be clear to you that the former strength at the repaired place of the kitchen plate will never be reached again.

Tips & Tricks

Alternatively, there are other ways to renovate a kitchen worktop. In the house journal, we offer you numerous guides with different approaches to the installation of a new kitchen worktop.

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