Cut a kitchen worktop over the corner

If two kitchen worktops are placed at right angles, you must cut both panels over the corner. How to cut the kitchen worktops correctly over corner, you can find out here.

Connect two kitchen panels over corner

If you want to install an l-shaped kitchen worktop, you must first cut the plate over the corner. You have three options:

  • right-angled on push with profile
  • right-angled on push with indentation
  • diagonally on push

Install kitchen plate at right angles with profile

To do this you first have to cut the plate that abuts to size. Now the cutting edge is sealed with glue, silicone or a sealing tape. Then the connection profile is screwed to the cutting edge. Now the plate is pushed on impact to the other plate. The profile is attached from below. That's the whole effort. However, it has the disadvantage that the connection profile practically separates both plate parts visible.

Cut the worktop at right angles with the recess over the corner

This should be the biggest challenge for many do-it-yourselfers, because special tools are needed for this corner joint:

  • a template for worktop corner joints (indentation)
  • a matching copy ring (fits into the template)
  • a router
  • a suitable milling head
  • a slot cutter for Lamello dowels

The template is placed on both plates fit. Please note the instructions of the stencil manufacturer. The template also contains the template for the plate fasteners. Tip: place the panels on the base cabinets as they are to be mounted and mark the free areas for the connectors so that you can tighten them later.

What else to pay attention to when milling the kitchen worktop, for example the depths of cut, can be found here. Then the cuts for the Lamellos are set in the middle of the cut edge. The cut edge is sealed again, the Lamello dowels are also used glued. The plates can be pushed together and screwed together via the connecting elements.

Cut the kitchen worktop diagonally across the corner

This is probably the most commonly used method because it only requires a circular saw with a stopper profile. Draw both plates from below (diagonally at a 45-degree angle), place the circular saw stopper profile and saw. Only when the two diagonal cuts are done, bring the plates to measure.

In order to use the fasteners (round, with connecting thread), you need either a router with template or a special countersunk insert for the drill. Be careful not to mill too far into the kitchen worktop. Here, too, the grooves for the Lamellos are cut and the cut edges are sealed.

Tips & Tricks

What should be considered when cutting the kitchen worktop for the built-in parts such as hob and sink, you will find in this linked guide.

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